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The best of two cultures

Something very familiar, something completely new. When French bistro culture meets Japanese cuisine, you are faced with some truly fascinating flavour combinations. Our list is full of options to mix and match. All our dishes are also suitable for sharing.


Grilled cabbage with mushrooms 13€

Green asparagus, sesame with seaweed salad 12€

Hamachi sashimi 16€

Beef tartar ”parisienne” 14€

Snails with ramsons 13€

Foie gras terrine with raisins and rum 18€

White asparagus with miso and Shisho 22€

Steamed turbot and soy sabayon 25€

Pan fried cod with fish “bordelaise” 27€

Veal sweetbread kushiyaki 19€

Pork Tonkatsu with rhubarb and togarashi 23€

Spring chicken Supreme 25€

Fries with nori vinegar 6€

Lappish potato pyre 6€

Rice with furikake 5€
+4€ sake washed salmon roe

Green salad 7€

Hokkaido milk bread ”french toast” and sake ice cream 13€

Yuzu parfait, coffee and miso 12€

Chocolate fondant and vanilla ice cream 15€

Ice cream / Sorbet 6€

Piece of cheese 7€